HD or 4K images?

We aid clients when selecting cameras based on your desired views, the options for mounting the cameras and the environmental conditions.

HD is ideal for most requirements, although some clients wish to perform enhanced software manipulation, so 4K cameras deliver exceptional images.

All cameras that we provide have Infra-Red (IR) capabilities to provide images when there is insufficient daylight for normal colour viewing/recording.

Sometimes it is better to fit more cameras, to deliver different views, although this may be limited by your system camera/storage capacity.


When considering your camera choice, you also need to understand the impact on storage.

A 4K camera will require more storage than a HD image.

We will utilise experience and software tools to offer advice on the impact of your preferences, with costs listed as options on proposals to enable you to select the most appropriate products.

Top Tip: If you need help, we will lend you a HD and 4K camera to help you choose

Recording conditions

Hikvision provides Darkfighter technology with HD (2MP) IP cameras that delivers optimum image quality in all light conditions, but especially in low light.

So, if you are concerned about issues at the start/end of the day it may be better to consider Darkfighter cameras.

Images recorded using 4K (8MP) cameras have greater quality and you can digitally zoom to get the best view of the subject, although these will not work as effectively in low-light conditions as Hikvision’s Darkfighter cameras.

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