Make it go faster…

We are often asked to make the network faster, especially after other elements (computers, servers or software) have been updated with no noticeable improvements, so we need to work with limited budgets.

To achieve the best network performance, at the lowest price, we consider the entire network infrastructure.

We use our experience of working with school networks (for over twenty five years) to provide the optimum solution, with options based on your preferences, budgets and timescales.

Logical topology?

An important factor in delivering a fast service is the shape of the network (topology).

During the review process we sketch out your network and determine if there are any bottlenecks that restrict connections.

We look at options to improve the topology and this may include a new core switch, upgrading the backbone or changing switch connections.

Top Tip: We work with you to deliver the best network at the right price

Frequently PoE switches are added into cabinets with a patch cable to an existing switch, rather than a direct link to the core.  Clients then implement latest standard wireless systems without realising the network is reducing the available performance.

Sometimes improving performance is a simple process of re-patching a single link, without any new switches or cabling!

Network elements to consider when improving performance

  • topology = is the shape of my network causing problems?
  • core switch = does it help or hinder performance?
  • links to servers = are these connected to the core and configured correctly?
  • links to switches = have these been implemented correctly and do I need 10 GbE?
  • edge switch specification = do I need to make changes or fit PoE switches?
  • wireless specification/distribution = are APs fitted/configured correctly?
  • cabling standards = do I need better cabling for all/any elements of my network?

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