inVentry – Integrations

inVentry offers integrations with your MIS and Biometric packages to optimise the effectiveness of the solution, minimising the duplication of data.


The utilisation of fingerprint technology eliminates the expense of ID cards and sign-in information cannot be guessed or stolen.

Schools utilise their existing ID suite (such as cashless catering) and inVentry has its own secure database for the management of additional fingerprints.

MIS integrations

inVentry offers integration options with all the leading Management Information System (MIS) providers to ensure that your sign-in information is always kept up to date.

New year groups are automatically added at the start of the year and when new staff and students are added to your MIS, they are instantly added to inVentry, making time consuming manual updates a thing of the past.

Student details, staff details, DBS information, staff and student photos and late marks and codes can all be read from and written back to your MIS package.

Integrations include:-

  • Capita SIMS
  • Progresso & CMIS
  • Scholar Pack
  • Bromcom
  • iSAMS
  • RM Integris
  • Pupil Asset
  • Arbor

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