Digital signage

Our digital signage solutions deliver your messages, videos and other content throughout your site.

You choose the style of the display, choosing either a standard layout or a customised template, then you include various media types, such as videos and RSS feeds and/or Powerpoint presentations.

We work with you to design a solution based on your requirements and the available budget, with training so you are able to manage the versatile content.


A central “server” (this could be a simple computer) controls the remote screens.

You schedule messages and may have different content on different screens, so that messages are targeted correctly.


Content may be displayed on domestic TV screens, commercial grade display screens, computer monitors or on walls/boards using projectors, so we help you choose the most appropriate solution.

Small computers located at the screens, operate as media players, normally requiring a Microsoft operating system and office licence.

Each media player may support multiple screens.


There are a large number of free templates, however it is best to customise a layout to use your colours and logo.

We work with you to ensure the the most suitable layouts are created and deployed.

No ongoing costs

The system is hosted on your network.

You control the content using a simple management console  that includes a schedule alternative layout/information changes.

There are no subscriptions or associated ongoing costs, so this is an ideal platform.

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