Speaker options

We need to understand your predicted requirements, the environment and your budget to determine the best audio solution, so we come to see you and offer a range of solutions.

We consider the presentation of images, as if you have a small room and want a screen, TV screens are available with improved sound quality.

Also, have a look at our intelligent IP speaker options, ideal for centralised control and you can use these instead of lesson change bells, relaying messages or for Lockdown warnings.

Drama Hall

For larger rooms that requires an impressive sound experience, we utilise more powerful amplifiers.

Depending on the room and your requirements, we prove a speaker in each of the four corners.

Wall mounted speakers

You may opt for wall mounted stereo speakers to deliver a flexible solution.

The lowest cost items have a low power integrated amplifier, suitable for small rooms.

A more powerful solution, better for larger rooms and when you need to offer flexibility for the sound input is to have a separate amplifier.

Top Tip: We like the Vision wall mounted amplifier, with two speakers and a remote


A wall mounted soundbar provides a better sound experience that the desktop speakers and is ideal for music/films in small rooms.

Desktop speakers?!

For a small room, with a desktop computer used for presentations, simple desktop speakers may be suitable.

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