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Which is the best Hikvision NVR?


We selected Hikvision as our preferred CCTV manufacturer due to the extensive portfolio, the three year warranty and the very competitive pricing structure.

The portfolio that we provide covers 4-channel to 64-channel systems, with several performance options.

What is an NVR?

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) saves digital images from IP cameras, rather than a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which is used for analogue camera images.

What is a channel?

Typically you view one image from a camera, so this is 1-channel, although some cameras (such as the fisheye 360 degree camera) provides up to 4 different views (= 4-channels).  For simplicity think of the channels as cameras, so a 32-channel NVR will support 32 standard cameras.

Storage options

All NVRs are flexible allowing different size (and multiple) disk drives, so you can often upgrade if your storage is not allowing your images to be retained for your desired duration.  The higher specification NVRs also support RAID which splits protects your recordings against losses due to drive failure.

We work with you and use a storage calculation tool to determine the storage requirements based on the number/type of cameras and your preferences for image quality and retention period.

Which version of the NVR is best for you?

We provide costs and advice to help you decide on the most suitable unit.  You can have multiple NVRs without much extra management, so it is not a problem if you out grow your current system.

NVR part codes

The part code explains the series of NVR, the number of channels, hard drives it accepts and if there are any PoE ports.  We provide data sheets for more details and explain the options and prices.


7604NI-K1/4P = 76 series, 4 channels, K series, 1 HDD and 4 PoE ports

7732NI-I4/16P = 77 series, 32 channels, I series, 4 HDD and 16 PoE ports

9632NI-I8 = 96 series, 32 channels, I series, 8 HDD and 0 PoE ports

Top Tip: I series is better than K series, offering better performance and supports cameras up to 12 MP