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About us

Topological is a small experienced team, established in 2006, with a desire to provide great service and "best value" solutions, to new and our regular educational and business clients.

We deliver reliable, high-performance network infrastructures, associated safeguarding applications (such as inVentry, cctv surveillance and access control) and Audio-Visual services.

HPE Aruba

We are proud to be HPE Aruba partners, the market leaders (with a lifetime warranty) and utilise their switching and wireless products.

Our ambition

Our aim is to be friendly but professional and to deliver the best possible service, every time.

Experience/Historydocumentation icon

Our cabling/networking experience originates at coaxial 10Mbps Ethernet, 16 Mbps token ring, coaxial mainframe and RS232 style terminal connections.

We have seen/fitted everything since these early systems, including the original structured cabling systems (AT&T PDS and IBM cabling systems) to the latest copper and fibre optic standards that support 10, 40 or even 100 Gbps links (networks speeds are now 10,000 x quicker!).

Wireless is now common and relatively affordable, providing fast connections for multiple users or building links.

As the rate of change continues, it is becoming increasing more difficult to help clients choose their optimum solution, especially as they have limited budgets and lots of older devices to support.

Key Personnel

“Sales” = best advice (Andrew)

Andrew got his first experience on a graduate training system in 1989 (following completion of his experimental physics degree) with the new networking division of an IBM mainframe reseller.

Although the last thing he wanted was a career in sales, he soon became successful advising clients on the best products and services, designing not only the best networks but more importantly delivering best value, by ensuring that solutions were optimised for the available (restricted) budgets.

He realised that it was possible to be successful by delivering the right solution/service, at a good price, so Topological was born in 2006.

Soon it will be thirty years in the industry and we are lucky that he will be with Topological for the foreseeable future.

Installation & Support (Marc)

Initially Andrew did everything and became increasingly worried that soon he would not be able to deliver the high levels of service, to an increasing number of happy clients.

Fortunately he met Marc, a computer engineer, who wished to develop his career with networks, so in 2008, he joined Topological.

Marc has been an essential part in not only delivering the service promised by Andrew, but also discovering, testing and implementing new technologies, such as better wireless or Darkfighter/4K CCTV.

The only thing that Marc likes better than IT, is messing about building, breaking and then fixing his drifting cars.  As his hobby is expensive he is always working with the aim of paying for the next upgrade, or yet another set of tyres!

Office “support” (Charlie)

Although he can be frequently spotted in the office, Charlie does not do much work.

Originally used as part of a social media twitter campaign (@topdog_Charlie), he was too lazy to continue tweeting, preferring to sit around looking forward to someone leaving food lying around or chasing delivery men.

He has collected a lot of knowledge of the years and is very happy to help.

His "Top Tips" helpful notes may be found throughout our website, giving best advice and recommendations.