New requirements

Any project that requires additional networking, is an ideal opportunity to consider the entire network, especially if the new element requires new switches or wireless products.

Frequently a new switch is put into the area of expansion without considering options.  The new area may only be a few computers, but the new switch may be better than those used in other parts of the school.

So we look at implementing the new switch to support key areas such as IT suites, re-locating the existing switch to support the new devices.

Top Tip: Invite us to look at your project and we will give you the best advice


We provide network (and electrical) cabling to cater for all requirements, such as new computers, telephony (including VoIP), wireless, CCTV, access control and building management.

We consider the best grade of cable, the requirements of the project (such as CPR for new building and refurbishment projects) and offer advice for spare capacity, such as fitting two cables rather than one, if we believe this will reduce future expenditure.


When selecting new switches, it is best to consider the whole network and predicted/possible future upgrades.

Instead of purchasing a new standard switch consider PoE (for cctv/wireless/VoIP) or 10/40 GbE technology for upgrading your backbone connections.

When you have all the facts/options, you will not then find your purchase becomes obsolete due to a requirement to upgrade your cctv system or add VoIP telephones.


If the expansion of your network requires new wireless Access Points (APs) consider how many users are in this area and the associated applications.

Are the new APs better than others in your school?  If so it may be better to fit the new APs in another busier part of your network and transfer the existing APs into the new area.

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