Cabinet tidy or upgrade?

Upgrading or tidying your cabinet is beneficial at any time.

This especially useful when your requirements change, or you want to improve your network.

This process has many benefits including…

  • better performance = it works quicker
  • more capacity = you do not need new switches = it saves money
  • easier to manage = you make changes quicker = it saves you time
  • find faults quicker = issues are resolved faster = better for everyone

Better performance

We have often found that connections to key devices improve by re-patching a cabinet with new shorter leads, as the older leads were causing issues.

A cabinet tidy or upgrade can also allow a new better switch to be fitted that delivers better performance.

We use new short colour coded leads to identify different known services, with priority given to important devices such as uplinks and wireless Access Points.

More capacity

Re-arranging a cabinet may also provide space to implement additional hardware or cabling, resulting in lower costs.

We will assess the current layout and cable routes to estimate the suitability of a re-organisation rather than a cabinet replacement.

Tidy or replace?

Replacing a cabinet is ideal if the current cabinet is too shallow and you are struggling to shut the door, or the old item does not have removable sides, thus restricting access.

We will visit your site to assess the suitability of an upgrade/replacement and discuss the likely disruption, so that the changes will be scheduled at the best time/date.

Redundant patching?

During discussions, we discover that some of the connections were patched many years ago and the area does not have that many computers any more.

Working with you to provide a list of requirements you may find that you no longer need to purchase another switch.

We will then re-patch your cabinet using new shorter leads, improving the management of the cabinet and reducing costs.

Easier network management

To is easier to make informed decisions on new switches or to fault find a network when your cabinets are neat and tidy, as cables/connections are identified faster.

Reducing the time managing your network, allows you more time for other tasks and reducing network downtime, so is better for everyone!

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