Improve our wireless

We are often asked to improve wireless, as the current infrastructure fails to deliver the desired service.

Optimising wireless performance requires consideration to several factors so we come in to see you.

We assess the factors that we can make a positive impact and highlight other areas that must also be considered.

As we do not charge for this consultancy service, it is always best to get in touch and arrange a chat.

Things to considerwireless icon vector

When evaluating your wireless issues, consider the following elements

  • Are the issues affecting everyone or just some users?
  • For all devices or just a particular technology (such as old laptops, or new tablets)?
  • Is it time dependent?  Are the problems only noticed at a set day/time?
  • Are there any issues with wired devices (networked phones or computers) in the area or on the site?
  • Has there been any changes, new setup on the devices, a new system, or building works?
Top Tip: With no charges for initial consultancy, invite us in to see how we will help


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