Best wireless advice

We always work to deliver a “best advice” strategy.

This is achieved by reviewing your current strategy/technology and then discussing your objectives, timescales and budget.

To provide the best wireless advice we also need to consider the health/suitability of the network infrastructure (cabling & switches), the devices and applications.

The quantity/distribution of all devices is important.

Frequently clients believe they must deliver a universal service across the entire site but often discover that the majority of requirements are for selected areas.

wireless icon vectorWe are here to help

We are here to help, so with no obligation, invite us in for a chat to discover how we will help to improve your wireless service.

Development plan?

We will provide a solution that may be implemented as a single project or part of a longer term development plan that is installed over a number of phases.

A single project with finance, may provide the lowest cost solution and allow users to benefit immediately.

Network topology

In addition to suitable wireless Access Points (APs), key factors for successful wireless systems, are the “health” and topology (shape) of your network infrastructure.

We check that your network switches and associated cabling are capable of supporting your wireless system.

We then offer you best advice and budget or fixed price solutions, if you need to make any changes.

Internet service

The issues with performance may relate to insufficient capacity on your internet connection, or issues with the website(s) you are accessing.

Some websites are not designed to support all different technologies and so may work well with laptops but not with the tablets you are using.

Upgrading your internal infrastructure may have little benefit, if the issue is elsewhere.

Manage expectations

It is easy to say yes, but then discover that there are lots of elements that need to be updated to deliver what has been promised.

We are frequently asked to make existing wireless work everywhere, as the budget has been spent on new laptops/tablets but there are issues in many areas.

Generally we discover that there are a number of items to consider, especially the construction of the building and the network topology.

Top Tip: Often there are some “easy wins”, where a minor change may have a big impact in selected areas

With restricted budgets, managing expectations will allow the system to develop over time, with happier users.

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