Better management

When investigating wireless systems, we discover that the issue is not with the switches, the cabling, or Access Points but with how they are being used.

Improving and using the management functionality gives more control and so optimises performance for everyone.

Some wireless APs have integrated management functionality that may solve the issues, or at least identify the cause.

There are also a number of software tools that may be required to deliver the desired solution, so invite us in for a chat.

What is wrong?

To provide the advice, we need to understand what products you have, what issues you are experiencing and what changes you have already tried.

There are no charges for the initial consultancy process, as we need to perform this task to provide a “best advice” solution.wireless icon vector

Manage your wireless?

The issue may relate to devices not connecting successfully to your wireless, either in one area or everywhere.

By utilising existing management tools we may be able to improve your existing system, or identify the cause of the issue (such as interference).

We may also suggest additional tools to enhance the process, such as Aruba Central, as in addition to providing a single solution for all of your wireless, you can select additional tools that monitor your infrastructure, implement firmware updates and provide alerts/reports.

Manage the devices/applications?

rocket icon vectorIn addition to managing the wireless infrastructure to deliver the maxim performance, we offer tools that controls the individual devices or applications.

Restricting the bandwidth to selected devices or associated applications allows better performance for more important users or activities, using rules that are designed based on your requirements.

Alternatively you may use applications that manages the devices.

Rules determine what the device may do, depending on the user and the time.

You may decide that only selected applications or websites may be accessed during sessions, with full functionality returning at other times.

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