MDM – Lightspeed

Schools rarely have just one operating system on their networks — so who has time to manage more than one Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution?

Mobile Manager from Lightspeed gives you the power to manage every device (iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS and Android) through a single pane of glass.

  • Set filtering policies by device OS groups
  • Support BYOD or 1:1 initiatives
  • Remotely configure all of your devices

Mass App Management

Apps can be wonderful tools for learning and student engagement, but managing those apps can be a headache.

Lightspeed’s MDM has the power to distribute apps to thousands of devices at once, and gives admins granular control over who has access to apps and when.

Policies & Apps

Remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions to control your devices with the click of a button.

Hierarchy & Inheritance

It’s built like your school, so it’s easy to differentiate policies and delegate administration by school or group.

App Delivery

Push apps and manage app inventory through easy controls and integration with your favourite OS app stores.

Class Control

Delegate teacher-level temporary controls and content delivery to ensure smooth and seamless use in the classroom.

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