Aruba Central

As user demands continue to evolve, Aruba Central offers a simple, secure and cost-effective way to deploy, manage and monitor wired
and wireless networks. with zero touch provisioning and centralised visibility.

Aruba Central not only helps get your network up and running quickly, but the intuitive dashboards make monitoring, troubleshooting, and firmware management easy, from anywhere – no onsite technical expertise required.

Advanced capabilities, not typically included in network management solutions, like customizable guest access, user connectivity insights, and analytics that identify user presence and traffic, extend the value of the cloud-based solution.

Zero-touch provisioning

Simplify network set up as any non-technical person can simply unpack and power up the APs or switches.

They automatically download their configuration and firmware from Aruba Central and the network is up and running in minutes.

Simple network monitoring and troubleshooting

Ensure network performance via an intuitive user interface along with contextual help that not only offers complete visibility across all networks/sites, connected devices and usage, but also provides step-by-step instructions for common admin tasks.

  • View performance and network usage including connected clients, bandwidth usage, and application traffic
  • Drill into individual access points for RF health, memory usage, event logs and more for fast troubleshooting

Enterprise class application control

Know how your network is used and control application and web traffic usage.

Aruba AppRF is a built-in feature that helps optimize app use and unwanted web surfing – no need for additional solutions and appliances.

View, analyse and control client traffic based on individual applications, as well as categories of application types and websites data

Control priority, bandwidth and access rules to apps and websites based on configured roles

Centralised maintenance & firmware updates

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Maintain complete control of your network by choosing how to organize and when to automate maintenance functions.

  • Create groups and tag devices with labels to simplify firmware management and configuration
  • Choose to schedule or perform on-demand firmware updates
  • Provide role-based access to different administrators with varied levels of privileges to view and manage

Mobile friendly guest access

Customize and simplify visitor access with fully secure and scalable guest Wi-Fi solution. Create log-in portals in minutes for all of your locations that includes your branding with logo, colours, terms and conditions, and more.

  • For an enhanced user and staff experience, well-known login methods provide the flexibility to support short term and long term access:
  • Self-registration logins that are anonymous or require user information to get started.
  • Sponsor workflows – allows receptionists, event coordinators and other non-IT staff to create guest accounts for long term guests.

Insightful connectivity analyticsrocket icon vector

Deliver a better user experience by understanding what is happening as users connect to your Aruba wireless APs.

  • Get end-to-end visibility into connectivity performance metrics to tackle problems before they escalate.
  • Monitor critical network services, such as response times and failures for devices that associate to Wi-Fi radios
  • Identify issues and root causes faster with automatic connectivity health base lining

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