Survey or heat map?

Most clients are confused when planning a new system or an upgrade to their wireless network, so we would like to help with a short explanation but ideally get in touch and we will consider your requirements before offering our best advice.

They are told conflicting information on how they should determine the positions and quantity of wireless Access Points, especially if they have an existing wireless infrastructure.

The diagram illustrates a heat map illustrating the RFID distribution around four Access Points and the colours show the strength of the connection.

Wireless Survey

wireless icon vector

An engineer will locate one or more APs around your site and take readings on signal strength to determine the best positions to deliver the desired coverage and performance.

The readings may be taken with a survey tool that maps the RFID outputs and so produce a heat map, or it may simply be logged with a visual check of the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) which illustrates the quality of the connection.

Computer generated heat map

The site plans may be scanned into a software tool that predicts the most likely coverage.

To be accurate the person that uses the software should have visited the site, checked for interference and noted the construction of all walls and floors.

All of this information is essential for an accurate result.

and the result is…?

Neither solution is perfect!  The computer generated heat maps are never accurate, as the site plans are normally out of date and no one has surveyed the areas to determine the new layout and any associated interference.

A wireless survey is only perfect when the test is performed with the AP type that will be implemented and the device is the only one to be used!

We offer all options but find that discussing the longer term objectives and rooms to be covered provides a better result.

We check transmission characteristics in different sections of the site, in addition to planning the density of APs required to provide the performance for the quantity of devices.


In common with all of our advice, it is best to plan.

Work with us and loan wireless APs to test performance and comparability with your devices.

We will ensure your network infrastructure is correctly configured and has sufficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch provision.

So when you implement the solution you will be happy.


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