Greater flexibility


IP based cctv systems offer a flexible approach to surveillance, so you can start with a small system and then grow it to cater for your ongoing requirements.

We provide options and advice to maximise the value to you for each project.  Your system can grow as big and as quickly, as you like, so you are in control.

Our case studies and references illustrate the effectiveness of the systems we have fitted and the benefits of our advice.

Utilise your network infrastructure

With analogue/coax systems there were expensive coaxial cables required for every camera, installed from the distributed recorders.  IP camera systems utilise your network infrastructure to minimise costs and increase flexibility.

Many clients are making a greater use of wireless technology so are fitting Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and have spare network sockets throughout the site.

Our discussions identify spare resources to minimise the costs for implementing or growing systems.

We provide advice, products and installation/support services to ensure the quality of images and integrity of your system.

Add cameras quickly

We are available to implement changes promptly, including working out of hours (if required) although following our training, some clients add cameras using their own technical resources.

We recommend a central controller (NVR) that has enough capacity and storage for growth, so it is easy to increase coverage, especially as cameras/brackets are available for next business day delivery.

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