Upgrade or replace?

It is sometimes difficult for clients to assess the best way of improving their cctv system whilst minimising longer-term costs, so we provide options and advice.

Use existing cameras?

We may be able to use existing analogue or IP cameras and improve the recorded image with a new NVR, although this will not be as good as a new system.

Encoders convert the analogue signal, with options to support multiple cameras with a single network port for the connection to your network.

Upgrade in phases?

Depending on preferences we often upgrade a small number of cameras in key areas.

This process illustrates the quality of your new system and assists with planning for the subsequent phases.

Plan carefully for best value

We will implement the system in phases to cater for your requirements, although this may increase overall costs to we provide options and advice.

By implementing the cameras in an area as a single phase will be better value than performing the installation over several phases due to the additional works fitting cables and obtaining access.

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