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CCTV cameras in toilets

We worked with Upton-by-Chester High School on a strategy to protect pupils and assets, with a plan to implement cameras into student toilets.

This was part of a safeguarding strategy and it was reported by Cheshire Live.


The selection of camera types and positions is important for every area of a school and we work with our clients to ensure they are fitted are implemented and managed properly.

Upton-by-Chester High School recognised the positive impact of safeguarding in the toilet areas, so we worked together on a plan to ensure the cameras only viewed general areas and sinks.  Our client then involved students/parents, requesting feedback, prior to the commencement of the project.

The vast majority of the 1,182 families involved were in favour, with only 21 offering objections, but these were on the grounds of invasion of privacy and general concerns about The growth of CCTV.


An enhancement of the main CCTV policy was prepared for these cameras

  • Separate recording hardware (NVR)
  • No images mage be shown on any computers across the school
  • Two authorised members of staff must be present to view any recordings or live images


The cameras have now been utilised for several months with no issues, only positive feedback.

Please contact us if you would like us to help with your strategy and expansion of your CCTV system.