When you are next looking to upgrade your school/college bells, or fit additional ones into new/refurbished areas, invite us in for a demonstration of our impressive IP speaker solution.

Start off with a single speaker, or ask us to install them throughout your site, it a flexible solution that may also be fitted outside to cover yards and car parks.

We attach them to your network, using standard CAT5e/CAT6 cable, so are easy to deploy and with free software for mobile devices and computer, so are also simple to manage.

Any sounds you like…

Rather than being restricted to a choice of pre-programmed chimes, these IP speakers will play any sounds you choose including live/recorded messages.

For music you may choose an MP3 play list or even connect them to an internet radio station.

Whenever/wherever you want

We arrange the speakers (for management only) into groups, so that you play the sound/music only your selected speakers.

You schedule the times for the different sounds, such as lesson change-over.

The mobile App may also be used for you to provide a live message.

Simple to manage

Management software is recommended for most systems, with additional free licences provided so that several authorised people may look after the system.

An audio gateway allows you to link this to your existing system, or add buttons for emergency Lockdown functionality.


Link it to your IP CCTV system, so that triggers may produce an audio alert at night, or a welcome message for visitors during the day.

Connecting the speakers to your VoIP telephone system, allows users to speak to all or selected speakers, simply by dialling an extension using any handset.

Lots of speaker options

There are types of speakers available for all areas.

We visit you, with demo kit, survey the areas and provide assistance to ensure the most suitable products are implemented.

There is even a health check feature to ensure all of your speakers are working correctly.

Easy to expand

They connect to your network using standard cables and PoE+ technology, so no expensive electrical cabling is required.

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