By using our services to integrate separate technologies we will provide warnings for issues happening at your school or college.

This may be an out of hours audible alarm, with a pre-programmed warning if someone approaches your buildings, when everything has been locked.

You may opt simply wish to welcome visitors, asking them to report and sign-in (using your inVentry system) at Reception.

Simply invite us in for a discussion and we will let you know how we will help.


We provide all of the network elements below as individual services, although by integrating these via an intelligent audio solution increases their value. 

IP speakers

Starting with a single speaker, you can play pre-programmed messages, or give a verbal warning to selected areas when you identify someone in restricted areas of your site.

CCTV surveillance

Linking your CCTV surveillance system allows time dependent trigger rules to be established on your Hikvision NVR IP recording device.

These triggers will then result in an action such as the playing of an alert message, possibly requiring a Lockdown scenario.

VoIP telephone integration

Linking in your telephone system has additional benefits.

Nominated personnel may dial an extension number to provide a live message on individual or selected speakers.

The Netgenium audio gateway if you wish to integrate your legacy analogue speaker system.


A free App on your mobile device allows a live message to be relayed to your IP speakers using your wireless infrastructure.

Access Control

The triggers/alerts are also useful for changing the status of your access control system, locking doors, restricting access to your site in the event of an emergency.


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