Renewals & bundles

There are several elements of the inVentry system and options that require an annual renewal to deliver the functionality.

There are also free Apps to operate your solution operate most effectively.

Helpdesk = provides technical telephone/remote assistance, assistance to training guides and software updates

Anywhere = cloud solution for the evacuation, ClubReg and groups tracking

Integration = MIS link for read/write functionality

Renewal bundle

The annual renewal bundle includes the following elements, at a reduced price:-

  • Helpdesk
  • Anywhere
  • MIS integration

Multi-year offers

Get an even better price for your renewal by paying for a few years.

These offers are for individual elements (Helpdesk or Anywhere) or choose the bundle for an even better price.

Ask us for best prices and offers when your renewal is due.

  • 3 year offer = pay only for 2 years (1 year free)
  • 5 year offer = pay only for 3.5 years (1.5 years free)

Primary discount

We offer a primary school discount for inVentry MIS integration and associated renewal bundles.

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