Improve resilience

To deliver best performance the network topology is star shaped, with the core/servers at the centre.

However, this is also the most vulnerable shape, with a single failure potentially having major issues.

The improved reliability of switches has resulted in fewer issues for most networks, but it is best to consider options with a Disaster Recovery plan to maximise system availability, with several “what if…” scenarios.

Disaster Recovery

Everyone responsible for a network should have a Disaster Recovery plan and most have a solution for protecting data, with various on-site/off-site options to ensure all information is protected.  Generally, this plan does not include a solution to maintain the use of the network if a core switch fails.

We help with planning, considering options for different scenarios and providing costs for alternatives, such as links between remote cabinets or a second core in the back-up location.

The resilient links can be set to operate automatically in the event of a failure or manually after the support department are aware of the issue.

Top Tip: We help you make the best choices

UPS in remote cabinets?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), is a battery that keeps electrical items (servers, switches etc) operational for a short time in the event of an issue with the main supply.

We help you consider the benefits, the costs and the practicality of implementing this technology within remote cabinets.

It is important to consider how long you need to keep elements operational such as VoIP, in remote cabinets, together with the issue of mounting a heavy battery near or within a wall mounted cabinet.


A support agreement will result in a prompt response from our engineers with loan hardware to maximise system availability.

Or you may prefer a maintenance contract with the core switch manufacturer that ensures an engineer arrives with replacement parts within 4 working hours.

We discuss options for helping you deliver the best solution, based on the number and expertise of your on-site technical staff and costs for the options including holding spares on-site.

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