HPE Aruba switches

There is a wide range of items in the HPE Aruba switch portfolio and we help you choose the most suitable products that deliver the best value solution.

The lifetime warranty increases the value of their products, especially as HPE Aruba also provides a next business day swap out, in the unlikely event of a failure.

We visit you to discover your requirements and consider several elements prior to delivering recommendation, providing options and references, so that you are assured of the service.

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HPE Aruba switch selector

What to consider when implementing new switches

  • Number & type of devices and the associated applications
  • PoE/PoE+ for wireless, CCTV, VoIP etc?
  • Backbone – what speed of connection is desired/needed?
  • Management – will web management be sufficient?

HPE Aruba switches – increased performance, more functionality

The ProCurve switches have been rebranded as HPE Aruba, following the acquisition of Aruba, with the operating software (Provision) updated with new features.

HPE Aruba switches offer management, features and performance, with maximum flexibility delivered by the resilient chassis switch.

Some highlights

5406/5412ZR = flexible resilient chassis switch for the core of your network, supporting servers, APs and backbone links to switches

2930F/M = wire speed (faster) switches with Gigabit ports and options for 10 Gbps backbone connectivity.  The 2930M switch includes a modular slot that supports smart-rate ports allowing APs to connect at speeds greater than 1 Gbps

2540 = these replace the 2530 switches offering improved performance and 10 GbE ready SFP+ fibre optic ports

OfficeConnect switches – great value for smaller networks

The HPE switches have some management limitations but also offer switches with many features at very competitive rates.

Generally, we recommend 1920S switches for smaller networks, although they will perform well in the right locations for larger systems.

Top Tip: Be aware when selecting one of these PoE switches, as PPoE refers to only the first half of the switch ports having PoE functionality

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