PoE+ budgeting

We recommend planning for Power over Ethernet (PoE) carefully when selecting switches.

PoE+ caters for higher power applications such as some APs and PTZ cameras.  The switch ensure suitable power is provided, when connecting PoE or PoE+ devices.


A switch has a specified amount of PoE/PoE+ power available for devices and this may be found from the associated switch data sheet (or ask us for help).

Top Tip: The power budget is designed to support devices on all ports, however some devices require a larger share, so you must plan carefully and we will help you


Aruba 8-port 2530-8G PoE+ switch with a 65W budget

A VoIP phone or CCTV camera may only need a 5W, so 8 x cameras/phones = 8 x 5W = 40W

However, an AP may need 15W, so the switch may only support 4 x APs = 4 x 15W = 60W

If not planned carefully and you exceed the budget, you may find devices will power up, but will have issues.  So for this example, plugging a 5th AP into the 8-port switch may appear to be successful, but may result in performance issues with some or all APs.

Planning for the future…

When purchasing any new switch, we always recommend considering future changes, such as adding VoIP, CCTV technology, door access control or even IP speakers onto your network.

Often HPE Aruba switches with PoE+ ports are available at special prices (comparable to non-PoE+ versions), so it is always best to ask us before buying any switches.

Top Tip: It is important to consider the depth of your cabinet to ensure your new switch will fit correctly, with suitable airflow to keep it cool

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