Switch & AP – warranty

One of the many reasons for selecting HPE Aruba networking products is the impressive warranty that is included by the manufacturer.

This guarantee is the best available for free, with a replacement from HPE Aruba on the next business day.

Does lifetime last forever?

When you purchase a new item, the guarantee lasts for the lifetime of the product, which is generally five years after it is removed from the range, so the warranty runs for many years.

Warranty Process – HPE Aruba

If you have a support agreement with us, we will look after the whole warranty process with HPE and where possible quickly provide a loan product, to minimise network disruption.

HPE Aruba requires the issue to be logged verbally using their support helpline (information available on their website), asking questions to ensure the item is faulty, prior to the approval/despatch of a replacement unit.

They will request the part-code and the serial number of the product, together with a short description of the fault.

Top Tip: If the switch can be powered on, ensure it has the latest firmware

HPE Aruba may also ask you to perform some tasks and/or send over a copy of the device error (syslog) report.

When they accept the item is faulty, remove the rack mount kit, any transceiver and the power cable, keeping them safe for when your fit the new item.

Upon receipt of the replacement, you are responsible for arranging the return of the faulty item, with instructions included in the box.

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