Type = SFP or SFP+

HPE Aruba network switches such as 2540/2930F series, have module slots with SFP or SFP+ ports that accept HPE fibre optic transceivers and this allows the connection with a fibre optic cable.

SFP = 1 Gbps

SFP+ = 10 Gbps

Although you can use SFP transceivers in an SFP+ port for a 1 Gbps link.

Top Tip: Beware: SFP+ transceivers will not operate in an SFP port

You must have the same type/speed of transceiver at each end, as there is no auto-sensing speed option available like there is on copper ports (such as 10/100 Mbps or 10/100/1000 Mbps).

Warranty Warning

We only recommend HPE Aruba transceivers.  If there are any future warranty issues with a switch using compatible transceivers, HPE state that the lifetime guarantee will be void.


When you have plugged in the transceiver, ensure the port is configured correctly for your network, especially if you are using VLANs.  Also do not forget to use a cross-connection on one fibre cable!

Dual Personality Ports

A switch may have uplink ports that support either a copper or fibre optic connection and so when using a transceiver ensure there is not copper patch cable in the associated copper port (you will see that they have the same port number on the switch and in the management software).

DAC Option

HPE Aruba offers Direct Attached Cables (DAC) for short switch inter-links using 10 Gigabit (10 GbE) technology.

The switches must have SFP+ ports and the associated data sheets will state the lengths of DAC cable supported.

HPE Aruba DAC leads are available at 1m, 3m and 7m lengths, however some switches will not support the longer 7m option.

Top Tip: Always check prior to purchase, as leads from other manufacturers are unlikely to operate successfully with HPE Aruba switches

Also, some servers may not operate using the DAC leads suitable for HPE Aruba switches and so links to any servers must be planned very carefully.

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