HPE Aruba instant APs

The management of your wireless system is important, as this is how you change settings and access to your network.

If you only have a couple of Access Points (APs) you can log onto them directly and make the changes.

It is when the number of APs increases, the changes take longer and it is harder to ensure that you have made the right changes on all of them.

Previously the only way to successfully manage a larger system was with the use of a controller.

Solved with an Instant!wireless rocket icon vector

HPE Aruba resolved the requirement for a controller to manage larger wireless networks using Instant technology.

One of your Instant APs (IAPs) is assigned the job of master and this takes on the responsibility of managing the other IAPs.

The technology is so good it may be used to manage over 80 IAPs.

We generally recommend at least one higher specification IAPs to perform this task, so that the management processes do not reduce its own wireless functionality.

Does an IAP have a standard wireless specification?

You are not penalised by selecting IAP wireless technology and we supply IAPs with a wide range of industry standard (including latest) specifications.

By working with you we will make recommendations based on your requirements.

If your requirements change so you now wish to use a controller, simply allocate your IAPs on the controller and they will be fully managed with no loss of performance or functionality.

Remote Management?

support icon vectorIf you wish to have additional functionality or control your network remotely, we recommend HPE Aruba Central, with a free trail available.

Central is a cloud based solution, with a licence required for every managed wireless and switch product you wish to control.

In addition to the wealth of features on the IAPs, Central adds greater controls including application control, reporting , enhanced guest access and alerts for critical events (based on triggers that you have selected).

Central may also be set to implement automatic/scheduled IAP firmware updates, thus optimising your network security.

Top Tip: Aruba often has special Central offers, such as 5 years for the price of 1!

What happens if a master IAP fails?

The configurations are retained on multiple IAPs on your network and so in the event of a failure another IAP will take on the job of master.

You can opt to specify the alternative master, this is more beneficial depending on the specifications, as it is always best to pick the best IAP available.

Lifetime warranty

You are also supported by the HPE Aruba lifetime warranty.

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