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We recognise the importance of protecting your pupils, staff and assets, so we have developed a great portfolio of services based around our networking expertise.

  • CCTV surveillance
  • inVentry sign-in system
  • access controlled doors/gates
  • flexible IP speaker solution with Lockdown functionality

Top Tip: Simply invite us in to discuss your requirements and we will provide best advice, competitive solutions and local references

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CCTV - the flexible tool to manage your assets

  • we help you determine/document your CCTV strategy
  • high quality (4K) images
  • manage secure access to high quality live or recorded images
  • authorised users have access to view selected images on mobile devices
  • cameras are connected to any network socket for maximum flexibility

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inVentry - the market leading sign-in solution

  • for your visitors, staff and pupil safeguarding
  • integrates with your MIS system (such as SIMS) for greatest flexibility
  • single record to manage your DBS/CRB records
  • control attendance at pre-school and after school clubs
  • groups/trip management for looking after staff/pupils when they are away from school

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Access control - easy to manage access across your site

  • scaleable from a single door
  • control doors, gates or barriers
  • granular control restricting access times & groups
  • Utilise existing RFID cards
  • Apps to control access settings from your mobile device

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IP Speaker solution, with Lockdown functionality

  • internal and external speaker options
  • linked to your network for flexibility and easier connections
  • integrate your existing speakers/systems
  • link to your VoIP telephone system
  • Software/App for easy use