Wireless building links

For some applications it is not possible or practical to fit a copper or fibre optic network cable between the areas/cabinets.

This may be due to the length of the link, the environment (such as crossing a public road) or simply to deliver a temporary lower cost service.

We survey the sites, assess the predicted network traffic and provide the best option for the requirements, including the price, the speed of service and any possibility of damage by vandalism.

Speed of connection?wireless rocket icon vector

We consider the requirements for users at the remote end to maximise performance, prior to offering suggestions with associated costs.

The costs for faster technology has dramatically reduced, with affordable solutions that will not restrict performance.

We work with you to ensure the link easily supports your predicted network requirements.

The technology we normally recommend does not require a licence, so there are no ongoing costs to consider.

Line of sight

It is easier (and a lower cost) if you can clearly see the building that you wish to connect onto your network.

In addition to high sided vehicles, also consider the longer term, with the possibility of trees growing or ask about new buildings/extensions that may block your connection.

Safe/secure mounting

You will need to ensure that we can mount the hardware onto both buildings in a secure manner that is unlikely to be vandalised.

This provides the best performance and protects your investment.  Where appropriate we implement a cage around the equipment to reduce issues.

It is always best to plan carefully and understand the cost implications of replacement hardware following damage, together with the associated disruption of service.

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