Dynamic lockdown is the ability to quickly restrict access and egress to a site or building through physical measures in response to a threat.

The aim of lockdown is to prevent people moving into danger areas and preventing or frustrating the attackers accessing a site.

It is recognised that due to their nature some sites may not be able to physically achieve lockdown.

(information taken from www.gov.uk)

What we do

We help our clients by providing a robust network infrastructure and associated safeguarding services such as perimeter restrictions, CCTV surveillance, IP speakers for alerts and inVentry for managing on-site personnel.


By discussing your requirements and policies, we help with delivering systems for relaying messages, using pre-recorded or live instructions.

Your authorised personnel may using mobile technology and computers to view images from your CCTV system.

Access control restrict access to your site and this may be enhanced with the new Paxton NET2 App.

What should you do next?

Invite us in to discuss improving your lockdown procedures.

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