Storage and RAID

It is important to select the correct type of storage and plan to provide sufficient capacity to support your cameras for the desired retention period.

How much of a problem would it be if one of your disk drives failed and you lost the videos?

We help you decide if you require protection for your the recorded images.

If you implement RAID technology (suitable NVR required) this will require additional storage, as it duplicates the information.

Not all hard drives are the same…

Although they do the same task of storing data, hard disk drives for desktop computers, servers and surveillance devices are different and so it is important to select the right version.

We generally use Seagate surveillance drives as they are optimised for the writing/recording of data from surveillance systems.

You will restrict the life of the disk and increase delays when viewing images by using the wrong type of drive.

The size of the disk drive(s) will be determined by the NVR and your predicted requirements (cameras, recording times and image quality).

We use a calculation tool to predict the required amount of storage and so help you pick the best value solution.

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