Network support

When is a performance problem a network issue?

We work with your IT team and associated server/software support companies to identify the issue that is causing your headaches.

What do you need to consider?

Some switches have extended warranty and so you may not require a maintenance contract that includes replacement hardware.

HPE Aruba switches have a lifetime guarantee.

Our annual infrastructure support covers all visits to resolve switch hardware issues and minor cabling fixes.

Fast Response

References are available from clients that have used our services for many years that illustrate the speed and effectiveness of our response.

We agree a response strategy, based on the urgency of the problem and the impact of further disruption caused by the replacement or re-configuration of network switches, so rather than dashing to site and upsetting everyone, we agree to arrive when users are leaving for the day.


Most issues relate to switches rather than cabling, although frequently these may be difficult to diagnose quickly by your on-site technical team, or server support company.

We offer on-site and remote support to determine the likely cause, making changes or providing loan hardware to maximise system availability.

The manufacturer of the hardware like to make returns difficult, so where possible we manage the process, obtaining a warranty replacement and arranging a convenient time to return and swap out the loan item.

Cabling – sockets

As some cabling does not meet appropriate standards, our support is designed to identify cabling faults rather than replacing faulty/damaged copper and fibre optic cables.

We use a selection of copper cable testers to determine the nature of the issue.

Minor faults, such as cable re-termination and associated modules are included in the agreement.

Cabling – fibre optic

Continuity testers confirm if a fibre optic cable has failed, with a (chargeable) visit from a fibre optic engineer with an OTDR required if the position of the failure is required.

Due to the complexity and cost, there is no provision for fixing fibre optic cables within the standard support agreement.

Top Tip: Warning – laser light used for fibre optic links may damage your eyesight

It is possible to identify issues with a standard low power LED torch, but always be cautious and do not look directly into the light.

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