Cabling – electrical

To cater for project requirements, we include electrical cabling and associated containment, such as dado trunking, thus simplifying the management processes.

This may be to provide an electrical power supply to cabinets, projectors, access-controlled doors or simply 13A switched sockets for additional desktop computers and associated printers.

We achieve this complete solution by using a suitably qualified electrical contractor (normally certified by NICEIC), that works under our direction to deliver the desired solution.

Initial Proposal

Our initial budgetary proposal will include an estimate for the electrical wiring, based on experience and a brief visual inspection of the local distribution boards.

Upon acceptance of this solution, an electrical engineer will attend site to ensure the additional load may be supported and there were no issues, missed during the brief initial survey.

The proposal is then updated with fixed price costs and the work is scheduled upon receipt of your order.


It is important that any site requirements (or issues), such as NICEIC certification or overloading is understood prior to the submission of a proposal to ensure that appropriate engineers are allocated to the project.

The test results will then be issued as certificates at the completion of the project for full compliance.


All associated electrical work performed is tested and certified by the electrical contractor.

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