New VGA AV loom?

When considering your options for Audio-Visual systems, such as screens and projectors, we recommend that you consider fitting a new HDMI/VGA loom.

We often find the quality of images is reduced due to inferior or damaged cables.

Modular faceplates

By using a modular solution (individual connectors clip inside a frame) allowing cables and/or connectors to be replaced when damaged.

We also need to consider the length of the cable, as for links over 20m, we need to use CAT6 cable and powered adapters to deliver the best quality images.


We generally supply cable looms with VGA, HDMI and audio leads, for connection to screens or projectors, although options are available depending on your requirements.

You could also include a powered amplifier to improve the sound from your wall mounted speakers.

There is a USB module within the faceplate, although the USB cable length is specified separately, as frequently it connects to an interactive board, thus is a different length to the VGA and HDMI cables.

Typical cable loom lengths

3m, 5m, 10m or 15m (longer VGA cables are available, however you may not be able to achieve a quality image for longer HDMI)

Longer lengths required?

We use CAT6 cables and a powered* converter to deliver a quality image over longer lengths.

Typically 1080P quality for distances up to 50m

* The module at the faceplate requires a connection to a local 13A power socket

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