How do you want to involve your audience?  Rather than using touch screens, you may wish to engage your pupils with an alternative strategy.

We work with you to deliver a flexible solution, targeted at your requirements, the environment, your existing technology and the available budget.

We find that some clients no longer utilise the interactive features of Interactive White Boards, preferring to write on separate dry wipe board.

So reduce costs by either fitting display screens (TVs) or project onto special non-reflective glare, dry wipe boards.

Interactive white boards

Interactive white board technology and the associated software is evolving, so when it is time to change, it is worth asking for advice.

We will provide options and assistance, to help you make the best choices.


We help you share content from your audience, by casting images using display screens or projectors/boards.

There are lots of options available, including software or devices like Apple TVs that are used to share content, from selected tablets or computers, displaying it on the main screen.


Use an IP camera, webcam or visualisers to enhance practical demonstrations.

One client records cookery demonstrations and the content is displayed as a “loop” on screens throughout the room.

Top Tip: Record sessions, experiments or other practical displays for future use


It is important that all of your staff has sufficient training to be comfortable using your selected solution.

We provide initial training for your nominated personnel, so you should ensure this is passed onto everyone.

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