Anywhere & APPs

During an evacuation, efficiency and the speed of the response are imperative.

Accounting for all staff, students and visitors during an evacuation is critical and inVentry is your ideal solution.

Confusion in the assembly areas can lead to delays in rescuing anyone trapped in the building, or unnecessary and dangerous search-and-rescue operations.

Anywhere has an annual renewal, with options to reduce costs by purchasing cover for multiple years or include it as part of a bundle (with MIS integration and support) for even better value.


inVentry created their cloud based service Anywhere to successfully deliver emergency evacuations when there was no power to print an evacuation report.

Other free applications were added to deliver functionality away from the main screen and consoles.

Fire Evac App

In the event of a drill or fire evacuation, the Fire Evac app provides access a real time register of everyone who is on-site using any mobile device.

The app can be opened on as many devices as needed, at unlimited emergency muster points and will also sync in real time when connected to the internet.

This enables leading staff members to have an accurate log of who has been checked off and registered, even displaying students’ photos for ease of use.

ClubReg App

The free App for electric registration for Breakfast and After-School clubs and works with any tablet, laptop or interactive display

The app gives ultimate flexibility around when and where sign in can take place. Club attendees can be registered from anywhere on site via the app and accounted for on school records.

Staff App

The inVentry Staff app allows members of staff to remotely sign into your establishment directly from their iPhone, iPad or iPod, eliminating the need for them to use the reception console or barcode scanner.

The Staff App automatically knows when you arrive and leave your organisation making signing in/out even simpler.

Anybody who signs in using the app appears on the inVentry console as they would do if they had manually signed in using the touchscreen or scanned their ID card.

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