Events module

inVentry offers the Events module as part of the free management console features, to improve the way you invite people to your school or college.

With school events like parents’ evenings or school performances, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone is accounted for in case of an emergency or after the event for reporting on attendance.

Traditional paper based methods can make this a challenging task and potentially lead to inaccuracies with your saved information.

Events overview

The inVentry events module allows you to streamline your events planning process and provide accurate sign in and out information that can be easily accessed before, during and after an event from one location.

  • Register attendees – pre-book visitors onto the inVentry system via a spreadsheet bulk upload or manual individual entry
  • Sign In – attendees scan their invite or sign in via the touchscreen and are provided with a printed customisable ID badge
  • Evacuation – easily access a real time copy of who is on site for roll call in case of an emergency evacuation
  • Update attendees – create custom emails and send via inVentry to attendees prior to the event including barcodes for sign in
  • Data Collection – interrupt the sign in process with custom questions or acceptance of your site terms and conditions
  • Reporting – one click access to attendance reports that can easily be exported to Excel to share with senior leaders

We will show you how easy it is to manage your event during your inVentry demo

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