inVentry training

To get the best out of any system is important, especially when investing a small amount of your time may have many benefits.

inVentry has so many elements, the training provided with the implementation is an overview of all aspects, together with information on how to obtain additional help.

We are always happy to help our clients with general questions on the utilisation of inVentry’s features, so please get in touch and we will see how we may help you and your colleagues.


Included with your annual maintenance is unlimited access to the inVentry Helpdesk, where you will be given assistance to resolve your question.

This may be achieved simply with some advice, or by the helpdesk engineer connecting to your system to implement agreed changes.


For clients that have a current support agreement (or a support bundle), inVentry has a wealth of training materials that are delivered via the internet, such as webinars.

inVentry training

If a change in your personnel or an update in the operating system requires training for several people, it is beneficial to order an on-site inVentry training session.

An inVentry engineer will come to your school to deliver specific training, to ensure your members of staff understand the desired options.

This session is delivered at a reasonable rate, or without charge when a hardware refresh is ordered, or another major change to your system is to be implemented, such as a second sign-in screen.

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