Wireless training

We deliver on-site and/or remote wireless management training and best advice, to maximise the effectiveness of your wireless infrastructure.

This is generally provided during the upgrade or on request, when your technical staff require assistance with a new feature or technology.

The most common request is help with devices that cannot “see” the network, as this is frustrating for the users.

Often this is due to an incorrect setting, or the requirement for an update, so we talk you through the options and see how you want us to help.

New technologysupport icon vector

During the implementation of new hardware/technology we will provide an overview of the functionality and management of your switches to your nominated technical staff.

This will include accessing the management console, which may require a direct connection to the device with a laptop/cable, via a web browser using the IP address of the device, or via a cloud-based platform such as HPE Aruba Central.

Additional training required?

We respond promptly to requests for assistance, with an update on how to access a device or the associated settings that should be utilised on the laptop or tablet.

In some circumstances, normally when there is a change of staff, we return to site to perform update training and where possible (for free training) this is scheduled for a non-peak time.

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