Paxton NET2 software

Net2 is an advanced computer/server based access control solution

It that offers centralised administration and control of sites from a single door up to 1,000 doors and allowing authorised access for up to 50,000 users.

You perfectly tailor the access privileges to groups or individuals quickly/easily using the intuitive, user-friendly software.

Event reports are generated in a few clicks and the single-door architecture enables easy maintenance/administration.

Advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and ‘Triggers and Actions’ further extend the capabilities of this cutting-edge system.

Chose between the free Lite version, or ideally select the better value Pro software.

Net2 Lite & Paxton Pro – software features

  • Multiple clients several (up to 5,000!) authorised users may manage your system, with no additional charges
  • CCTV integration – link individual cameras to doors on your Paxton system, so events are recorded
  • Site graphics – plot important details, such as exits and doors on a schematic of your site, for easier administration
  • Triggers and actions – manage how events are handled, with alerts for nominated events
  • Integrations – Basic intruder alarm, Net2 Entry & Biometric – to get even more value from your Paxton system
  • Third party readers – use hardware from other manufacturers, to integrate legacy systems when updating to Paxton

Paxton Pro – Additional features

  • Security lockdown various options available for triggering lockdown, such as as button, or a “lockdown card”
  • Anti-passback – prevents sharing of cards, so access is only permitted to the nominated person
  • Fire alarm integration, with roll call and muster reporting – fire alarms release door locks and easier checks for emergencies
  • Multi-zone intruder alarm integration – enhanced controls for integration
  • NetOnline or web user interface – easier administration (authorised users) without client software
  • Free Paxton Connect app for mobile devices – more mobile features, for approved users, including opening doors!

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