Controlling a door…

If you are considering a project, such as securing your first door, or have an existing access control system, we will come to see you to provide a “best advice” solution.

We discuss your requirements, ambitions and issues.

There are many elements that need to be considered to successfully deliver access control.

  • suitability of the door
  • suitable electrical supply
  • network
  • existing RFID


The door must be constructed of suitable materials and be able to open/close securely

An auto closer must be fitted so that the door closes after being opened to maintain your security.

For some doors, you may also require a powered door opener.

Electrical supply

Although some access control systems will operate using Power over Ethernet (from your network switch/cable) we generally recommend a local electrical supply.


To deliver the flexibility of access control, with easy management and control, the door must be connected to your network.


Some clients have no access control but do use RFID technology for printing or catering.

These cards may be used for your access control, as this will increase the flexibility and reduce costs.

Implementation and training

We will provide all of the necessary services to successfully deliver the ideal solution.

Training is provided to ensure you can successfully add users and modify any of the rules that we have created.