Paxton – Lockdown

Paxton NET2 access control is an ideal technology for safeguarding your staff, pupil and valuable assets, especially as part of your lockdown strategy.

Paxton technology may be implemented to control access, using doors, gates and barriers.

Readers are available that utilise MiFare cards, as many clients use these ID cards for printing or catering services.

There are several options available for the configuration of the system, including the policy for responding rapidly to lockdown situations.

We are available to help you, providing assistance and implementation services, so ask us for help, with no costs or obligations, with our prompt consultancy/proposal services.

The Trigger?

Setting off the Lockdown process is easy to achieve and may be achieved using either:-

  1. Paxton (pro) management software – the standard (free) software does not have all of the required features
  2. Nominated “lockdown” RFID cards – print some special cards and configure them for action!
  3. Push button – located in a secure area, so there are no false alarms
  4. Locked button – authorised user(s) trigger alarm with a key

What happens next?

  1. All access is restricted, with all Paxton doors set to locked (for everyone)
  2. Doors will not respond to requests to open using cards or “push to exit” buttons
  3. A separate notification process (such as IP speakers) is essential to communicate the alert status across the site
  4. The alert status may be cancelled/stopped by authorised users.

What about a fire or other events?

In the event of a fire alarm, the door locks will be released, as this emergency takes priority over lockdown.

If backup batteries are fitted in the Paxton controller boxes (located at every door), the doors will continue to operate if there is a loss of electrical supplies.  Without batteries, the door locks will be released if there is a power failure.

The controllers retain settings, so if the main computer/server is off-line the doors/controllers will continue to operate using the latest status configuration.

Do you need help?

We will help with the planning and implementation of your Paxton NET2 access control system, so that it responds effectively, in compliance with your safeguarding policies.

Have a look at some more of our web pages, or invite us in for a chat to see how we are able to help, especially as our installation services are very competitive!

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