Guest access

In addition to planning secure network access for all of your own devices, we help you implement a Guest wireless service.

A guest network is an ideal way to segregate network traffic for enhanced security and performance.

You may even have multiple guest services.

These may be configured with different restrictions or access times, for different groups of users and devices (possibly based on age, or simply to segregate staff access).

wireless icon vector

Visitors may obtain access to applications or services that you may have blocked on your general network.

Lots of options

Depending on your wireless technology, we will discuss your options, enabling you to choose the best solution.

Some clients have a firewall that includes functionality, that permits users log onto a guest network using their active directory credentials for the main network.

We simply segregate traffic using different SSIsupport icon vectorDs and switch VLANs thus keeping the traffic away from the main network.

The filtering and performance may be established only on the firewall, or with suitable APs we may also limit traffic levels for users on the Guest network.

By opting for Aruba Central, you receive enhanced AP (and switch) management and then have the option of enhanced wireless control including a Guest service.

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