Thermal cameras

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit thermal radiation, even at low levels and this kind of radiation, invisible to the human eye, can be detected by thermal imaging sensors.

Thermal cameras can produce images in the visual spectrum by detecting temperature differences between an object and its surroundings.

The larger the difference, the bigger the contrast variety, making details visible.

Compared to visible-light cameras, thermal cameras can be used for applications in more challenging environments.

What is best?

We work with you to identify the best camera for each application and then implement it to provide the required images.

Hikvision’s thermal cameras are most suitable for nights when Infra Red (IR) technology, used to record monochrome images in low-light, struggles to identify the intruders.

Other applications include monitoring temperature of buildings, pipes or appliances to provide an early warning.

We configure triggers on your Hikvision NVR recorder, with alerts, so that other processes may be actioned.


Although ideal for some applications, thermal cameras are unlikely to be used for identification purposes, so we work with you to provide a solution that best caters for your requirements, budgets and the local environment.

An intelligent audio system using IP speakers, implemented for information, alerts or music during the day, may be triggered to play a higher volume warning message, requesting that the person leaves the area immediately.

Security lighting may be utilised to allow your Hikvision IP and/or Darkfighter cameras record images more likely to identify the person in these areas.

Or an alert may be sent to you security patrol, allowing appropriate actions to be taken to protect your assets.




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