Is a PTZ camera best?

When looking to cover a large area a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera appears to be the perfect choice.  Fitting only one camera reduces installation charges and capacity on your NVR.

The camera is configured to sweep the area using defined patrol routes, responding to your pre-defined triggers, based on time/day slots, for the maximum flexibility.

The zoom lens provides great quality images and with manual control, it magnifies your desired view, rather than a digital zoom of a recorded image.

Is a PTZ your best option?

We work with you to select the best solution, considering your preference for images and possible locations for cameras.

A PTZ camera is very flexible but may not be ideal for you.

Often we recommend multiple static cameras, as this may decrease costs and offer better images.

Top Tip: When a PTZ camera rotates, it leaves large areas without coverage

We look at the overall costs including the utilisation of space on the NVR and networking costs before providing the solution.

Options – Wipers?!

To help you decide if a PTZ camera is your best solution, we will provide options, such as different zoom lens types and wipers that will keep the lens clean and so provide clearer images.

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