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“medieval” network upgrade

Peckforton Castle

OverviewPeckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle wanted to provide wireless guest access for guests and staff, but faced many issues, so invited us in to help.

Peckforton Castle – An enchanting hotel in the heart of Cheshire

Rising majestically above the Cheshire landscape, Peckforton Castle’s enchanting medieval style, beauty and stunning location make it a truly impressive and desirable venue for weddings, christenings, birthday parties or just about anything that’s worth celebrating.

Peckforton CastleOriginally the home of Lord Tollemache and built in the early 19th Century, this Grade I listed building is the only intact medieval style Castle in the country.

Over the years the Castle has been the location for numerous movies including Robin Hood and Dr Who.

Network Upgrade

The network infrastructure had been fitted over many years and did not deliver the desired reliability, performance and coverage.

We planned and implemented a new fibre optic backbone, replacement cabling, together with HP managed switches and wireless products over a number of phases.

HP Managed Network

The wireless Access Points (APs) had to be fitted into areas to minimise the impact on the rooms, whilst providing suitable performance.  The HP MSM controller is ideal for delivering internet access to clients, whilst also managing the APs.

The HP managed switches deliver high performance network access, with security provided by segregating the guest network traffic.