Outdoor Quickscan

To improve your sign-in and sign-out experience, the outdoor rated Quickscan unit may be installed anywhere on your school or college site that you can reach with a network cable.

The Quickscan connects to your network using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and communicates with your inVentry main system, to simplify the management of staff and 6th Form students.

Ask us for more details, or a price for this item and ask about the extended warranty option.

Overview of the outdoor rated Quickscan

This provides a short summary of the outdoor inVentry Quickscan unit

Flexible = mounted almost anywhere on your site and at multiple locations

Tamper resistant = Quickscan units are mounted flush to the wall, making it difficult to tamper with or remove

Dual purpose = may be used for both barcode for visitors, and RFID cards for staff all within the same unit

Accessible = Quickscan units can be placed on gates and barriers for single entry sign-in

Robust = manufactured to IP65 standards, the outdoor Quickscan unit is protected from dust ingress and water spray

Professionally installed = installed by inVentry’s trained engineers without any fuss or hassle

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