Enhanced management

Hikcentral is Hikvision’s enhanced management solution that works with all of their CCTV and access control products.

The software may be downloaded onto your server or will be implemented using Hikvision hardware.

Works for clients of all sizes, from just a few cameras up to 3000 (per server!), so no project is too big for Hikcentral.

In addition to the centralised management software, authorised users may also connect on their computer using a web client or mobile/tablet using free apps.

Active Directory integration improves management control of users.

Hikcentral features:

  • Seamless Live View and Playback across all NVR/DVR/CVRs
  • Advanced User Management: (incl: Active Directory Integration)
  • Control Client, Web Client and Mobile APP Support
  • Event & Alarm management (Video Analytics, POS, Etc.)
  • E-map Support, Download Center, Health Monitoring

Base Software

Start with a base system of 16 or 64 clients and then add individual licences to support your selected cameras.

Prices include free software support and updates for 2 years.

Additional Modules

Single ANPR Camera Connection:

  • License plate number capturing and storage
  • Search for videos and pictures based on License plate No, time and cameras
  • Black & White detection and list management
  • Vehicle Counting Report

Smart Video Wall Module

  • Enables flexible projection of specific cameras onto your “Video Wall”.

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