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Wireless Broadbandwireless broadband


Topological Limited works in partnership with RedRaw Internet to provide wireless and cabled internet access for business and residential clients.

This service is ideal for use with YouView the new TV service that utilises the internet for the catch-up services.


RedRaw Internet

antennaAwellConnected.Com AS31595 was formed in 1998 and is normally known by their wireless network name (SSID) REDRAW INTERNET.  At the cutting edge of wireless technology, RedRaw Internet is helping to shape the future of Internet access.

Specialist skills and expertise have put them at the forefront of the field and their wireless networks can be found across the UK.


RedRaw Internet

Business & Residential Services

Redraw Internet offers high speed connections using wireless and fibre technologies for business and residential clients.

Different from standard broadband, all connections are synchronous (same speed up and down).  house

The minimum speed for a residential user is 3Mb, so is ideal for YouView catch-up TV services and could typically be 5Mb, 12Mb, 25Mb or even 50Mb and as a business we can supply 5Mb to + 100Gb.

With a local service at Daresbury, Warrington, Topological Limited will provide the ideal internet service at a great price.


Internet TV - YouViewYouView

YouView is a joint venture by some of the UK's biggest names in TV and broadband.  The following selected features are from the YouView website and are used to illustrate the importance of the internet.

Scroll back TV

The seven day scroll back guide brings together catch up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5.  It can be tricky to watch TV on a laptop or PC. So we’ve put catch up where it should be, on your TV. Simply scroll back through the guide and select your favourite show.

On DemandYouView HD

YouView has a library of on demand programmes, series, films and radio.  Looking for some inspiration or a particular type of programme? Explore the on demand library to find a recent film or that classic episode you love watching again and again.

Record, pause, rewind TV

Two of your favourite programmes on at the same time? With YouView you can record one show while watching another, or two while you're watching a third from the on demand library or MyView.

Phone ringing? Missed a bit?  Pause the programme you're watching, or rewind to watch again.