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Whiteboards & Projectors


Topological Limited offers a varied portfolio of services to deliver interactive whiteboards and projectors, with the minimum disruption.



A survey is performed to agree the optimum solution, based on the following criteria


Size of the interactive board

Projectors - ceiling, wall mounted or integrated

Implementation with cable loom

Associated services - data/power sockets

interactive boards


Interactive Whiteboards

Topological Limited provides Smart Board products. 

Various different sizes of boards are available, several with an integrated projector. 

smartboardThe most popular boards are:-

640 = 48" (121.9 cm) with a 4:3 aspect ratio
660 = 64" (162.6 cm) with a 4:3 aspect ratio
680 = 77" (195.6 cm) with a 4:3 aspect ratio
685 = 87" (221.0 cm) with a 16:10 aspect ratio
690= 94" (238.8 cm) with a 16:9 aspect ratio

Dual-touch options are available for the 680(i), 685(i, ix) and 690 models

The following Smartboard bundles are available with a screen and a short throw projector = 660i, 680i & 685i.
An ultra-short-throw projector is provided with the 685ix system.

NEC projector



The projectors are selected based on the following criteria:-

Client preferences for manufacturer

Environment - ceiling or wall mounted and image brightness

Warranty & bulb life

Price (best value)




Topological Limited's implementation services include:-

playing music

Initial audit - environment and requirements

Security pole/cage - ceiling mounted solutions

Containment - trunking for all cables

Amplifier/speakers - for multi-media solutions


Associated Servicescabling

To support the audio-visual implementations Topological Limited provides network and electrical cabling. 

By integrating the audio-visual solution with the cabling the sockets may be presented within the new trunking.